Turin Pole Dance Studio presents the fourth edition of EXOTIC MOON, the first international competition totally dedicated to the Exotic Pole Dance in Europe!


The contest, open to the public, will take place in Turin, Italy and it is dedicated to the lovers of the most sensual and trasgressive Pole Dance Style.



15th of June 2019


Le categorie partecipanti saranno:

Le categorie partecipanti saranno:

Amateurs woman/man
Double/Group Amateurs
Semiprofessional woman/man
Double/Group Semi-Professional
Professional woman/man
Double/Group Professional

There are no mandatory figures
There is no need to send a video entry, you just need high heels and a lot of energy.

Only for man, using heels is not mandatory.





Applications are open from the 1st of December 2018 to the 28th of February 2019. We will accept only applications fully filled in and sent in one single e-mail mandatory before the 28th of February at 24:00.

Download the rules and the application form at the following link: Rules 2019

And send:

– copy of ID or passport

– digital picture to be upload in the participants Gallery

– file mp3 with the music of the performance

– bank transfer receipt (euro 75 – not refundable)

– application form fully filled in and signed

All forms, filled in and signed, must be sent by email to:

Application fee includes 3 pictures post produced and a video (no editing), by Yuri Bote.


IT87 H033 5901 6001 0000 0116 183
Addressed to: Turin Pole Dance Studio
20121 MILANO



The competition will take place at Teatro Alfa, in Via Casalborgone, 16/i, 10132 Torino


Malwina Gs

from Poland
Owner/instructor of ESENSAI Pole Studio , creator @esensai_championships
Her Pole Awards:
Exotic Pro Winner “Exotic Pole Dance Show 2018”
2nd place solo and doubles “Exotic Pole Fest 2017”
3times European Pole Art Champion 16-18
Winner “Pole Art Experience” 2018
Winner Pole Theatre Greece – drama 2016
finalist Pole Theatre World 2016
She was judge at
Pole Stars Competion” 2018
„Pinup Pole Dance Championship” 2018
„Pole Art International Competion” Poland 2017
„Pole Show Kielce” 2016

Katy Cherry

Winner Pole Star Saint Petersburg 2016
2nd place Pole Art Cyprus 2016
Winner Dubai Pole Cup 2017
Ultimate Winner Pro Pole Theatre Hungary 2018
Winner Pro Art Pole Theatre Hungary 2018
2nd place Pole Art Russia 2018

Marina Motuhnova

Bright, charismatic and extraordinary exotic dancer and choreographer! Her perfomances are always characterized by incredible energy and artistry and they never leave the viewer indifferent. The choreography of Marina is unusual and unforgettable.
She is winner in different Exotic pole dance contests, exclusive workshops presenter, judge in international contests.

Quan Bui

Known as the sexiest male pole dancer, Quan have been poling for over 7 years and travel all over the world to compete.
2018 Felix choice award by Felix Cance
2017 First Runner up Mr Pole Australia
2016 Overall Championship Pole Theatre USA
2016 Guest performance Ms Pole Dance/ Pole King Japan.
2015 First runner up World Pole Globe Germany
2014 Championship Pole Star Malaysia.

Aleksey Poryadnov

Pole-tricker, experimenter, handstand-enthusiast, acro-lover!
Positive person, charisma and crazy stuff from Russia.
10 years Break-Dance, 5 years fitness instructor. 6 years coach of Pole Dance.
Presenter of many workshops in Russia and Europe, pole dance camps and judge of many pole dance championships.

Winner of Pacific-Asian Pole Dance Championship 2014
participant of PoleArt Cyprus 2014, PoleArt Cyprus 2016, Pole Emotion Czech 2014, Paranoia Pole Dance championship Moscow 2014 and 2016.

Benedicte Rinaldi

After her experience in artistic gymnastics, Bénédicte discovered Pole Dancing in 2012 and it became immediately a passion. Since then she’s been teaching and participating to competitions. Her signature moves mix strength and flexibility, and also acrobatics. She tries to include this gymnastics style in more artistic choreographies

World PoleArt 2018 3rd
French Champion 2017
PoleArt France 2017 2nd / Best show
World PoleSport POSA 2017 9th
French IPSF Champion 2015

Natalya Ryzhikh

2011 “Best Free Style” First Inter-regional pole dance championship in Bologna, Italy
2011: 3rd place at 1st Vertical Dolls Trophy in Rome, Italy
2013: 1st place, Senior Category at 3rd Italian Polegymnastic Championship
2015: 1st place, Elite Master category at Pole Sport Inter-regional Championship, Italy
2015: 1st place Pole Theater Croatia, category Pro Classique
2016: 1st place Pole Theater Italy, category Professional Classique
2016: and 2017: Finalist at Pole Theater Paris, category Pro Classique
2017: finalist at Paranoia, Moscow
In 2015, I organized the first Turin (Exotic) Pole Show.
I am the creator of “Exotic Moon”, the first European Exotic PD Competition (since 2016).
I am the creator of “Polecouture”, a brand of clothes for poledance.

Marlo Fisken

Marlo Fisken has been dancing for 30 years and has been deeply involved in
the pole industry for the last 12 years. She is a former US and
international champion and has taught in over 70 countries. Marlo is the
creator of Flow Movement and the Floor Flow and Pole Flow brands.


Like eache edition, the judges will held workshops and focus on technique and style. Here you can find all the information!


We are very happy to share some news about the Exotic Moon Camp.
We offer different solutions to give you the opportunity to enjoy your time in Turin and learn from our judges as long as you can.
– LUXURY: 5 nights accommodation in a double room in Hotel (check in: Wednesday – check out: Monday) + 8 workshops (exclusively 1 for each judge) + 5 more workshops (to chose) Euro 1249;
– DIAMOND: 4 nights accommodation in a double room in Hotel (check in Wednesday – check out Sunday or check in Thursday check out Monday) + 8 workshops (exclusively 1 for each judge) + 3 more workshops (to chose) Euro 1119;
– PLATINUM: 3 nights accommodation in a double room in Hotel (check in Thursday check out Sunday) + 8 workshops (exclusively 1 for each judge) + 2 more workshops (to chose) Euro 999;
– GOLD: no accommodation + 8 workshops (exclusively 1 for each judge) + 3 more workshops ( to choose) Euro 620.
-SILVER no accommodation +8 workshops (exclusively for each judge ) Euro 440
It is also possibile to book extra workshops, private or semiprivate classes. Every judge is available for private and semiprivate to be booked in advanced.
The offer include also a free ticket for Exotic Moon championship.

Do you want to take part to the Exotic Moon Camp and are you traveling with your boyfriend, your best friend, your beloved sister, your encouraging coach? No problem! The camp price includes a double room at Plaza Hotel valid for 2 persons. So you can host her/him at no extra cost!

In the same days it is possible to book Photoshooting with Yuri Bote . It is not included in the offer and must be booked separately.
For any additional information, please get in touch with us :

IT87 H033 5901 6001 0000 0116 183
Intestato a Turin Pole Dance Studio
20121 MILANO


Every participant will get 3 post produced photos and professional video of the whole performance.

The photographer is Yuri Bote, specialized in Pole Dance photos.

To know him and his work better, follow his profile @botefucka and Yuri Bote

To get more photos or a video with specific features, we invite you to get in touch directly with Yuri, who will be glad to make you a personal offer.


If you want to take part as a spectator or prop, buy your tickets at the following link:


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