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Scopri i giudici di Exotic Moon 2018

Amy Hazel is known as the world’s Pole Dancing Unicorn. With her rainbow hair and ever changing style, Amy is known mostly for her extreme flexibility and strong aerial style, making her one of the most versatile pole and aerial tricksters in Australia to date. She has blasted onto the Aussie pole scene and made an impact with her innovative shapes and transitions and has firmly planted herself as one of the world’s most bendy pole artists.
Amy Hazel is not only a physically strong pocket rocket but she has also shown strength mentally by overcoming her battle with an eating disorder. You can read about her story in her raw and honest blog ‘Recipe from Thinspo to Fitspo‘. Currently studying Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies, Amy Hazel aims to bring her passions for health, healing, nourishment and fitness together and inspire others to take care of themselves too!
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Amy’s titles include;
★ 1st place Aerial All Stars 2015
★ 1st place Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2015/16
★ 1st place Pole Theater Classique HK 2015
★ 2nd place Victorian Pole Championships 2014
★ 2nd place Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2014/15
★ 3rd place Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016/17
★ 3rd place Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014/15
★ 3rd place Beijing International Pole Championship
★ 1st Place – PPS Aerial Performance Tournament – Professional Pole Champion 2013
★ 2nd Place – Ms. Bikini Australia – Musclemania Australia 2013
★ 3rd Place – Model Australia – Musclemania Australia 2013
★ Official Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador
★ Official Pole Ugg Brand Ambassador
★ Official Bling It Heels Brand Ambassador •1st place Miss Pole Dance Australia 2017/18

Education – “College of Culture and Arts.” Specialization: “Teacher-choreographer”.
Pole Dance instructors professional training, certificate “Pole Dance Instructor” (2013-2014);
Participant and the winner of numerous competitions and championships in Russia;
★ Presenter of the signature master classes.
★ Championship Referee at “Zodiac” – 2017 Moscow;
★ Referee at the Open Air Athletics Festival “Baltic Air Star” -2017 Kaliningrad;
★ Championship Referee at “Exo-Style” -2017 Moscow.
★ Referee at the annual open championship Art-Exotic pole dance “VIZION-2017” Krasnodar.
★ The winner of the Final tour of the All-Russian competitions “Exotic Witchez” for Exotic Pole Dance & Strip-Plastic in the category “Exotic Pole Dance Professional” in Novosibirsk – 2016;
★ The winner of the championship “Open Cup EMOTION ART POLE” in the category “Exotic Pole Dance experimental / future” Omsk – 2015;
★ The winner of the All-Russian competition in the pole acrobatics in the Tomsk region – 2015, in the category “Exotic Pole Dance PROFI” – 2015;

★ The winner of the show-contest “Golden Peony” in the nomination “Dance on the pylon”. Tomsk – 2014;

★ Silver medalist at the championship “Open Cup EMOTION ART POLE” in the category “Exotic dancer PROFESSIONAL SOLO”. Omsk – 2014;

★ Silver medalist at the Championship “Miss & Mr. Pole dance Russia – 2014 “in Tomsk region in the category” Pole dance of exotic PROS “;

★ Bronze medalist in the strip-plastic competition “Aphrodite Night”. Novosibirsk 2014

She started gymnastics when she was just four years old. In 1997, she started studying at Techno-Economic Lyceum, until the age of 13.All throughout this time, Nataliia trained and competed in rhythmic gymnastics, and was awarded both champion of the city and a regional champion in her discipline. Between 2003 and 2006, Natalia Tatarintseva moved to Kiev to join a sports boarding school. It was while here she was awarded a Master of Sports in Ukraine Rhythmic Gymnastics, was 7 times Ukraine champion, and the winner of both the European and World Championships. However, in 2006, Ms Tatarintseva suffered serious injury, and was forced to return home to Dnepropetrovsk, where she finished high school and started studying at University. In 2007, Natalia Tatarintseva started to learn different dance disciplines for fun, and started to perform in some small show groups. Then in 2010, she started to teach flexibility at one dance school, and this is where she tried Pole Sport for the first time. The following year, Natalia Tatarintseva started to compete nationally, winning the People’s Choice Award for one of the competitions. In September 2011, she competed in Miss Pole Dance Ukraine 2011 and took out First Place.

★ Winner of Miss Pole dance Ukraine 2011Semi-finalist at World Pole Dance and Fitness in Budapest 2011;
★ Winner of Miss Pole Sport Ukraine 2012 in Kiev;
★ Winner of Arial Pole International 2012 in Bern;
★ Best Music Choice at Aerial Pole International in Bern 2012;
★ People’s Choice at Aerial Pole International in Bern 2012;
★ Winner at World Pole Sport Championship in London 2012;
★ Winner of Miss World Pole Dance & Fitness in Zürich 2012.
★ Finalist and 5th place on Pole Art 2013 in Helsinki 2013.
★ Finalist and 5th place on IPC 2013 in Singapore.
★ Best Performer of the 2012-2013 – IPS Award 2013.
★ International guest and performer.
She is also a Pole Sport/Dance instructor and the owner of pole dance studios in Ukraine.
★ Finalist of Ukrainian Got Talent Show 2015
★ Second place – Pole Art Cyprus 2015
★ Finalist of ArtChampionship in Prague 2016

★ 4th time – World Pole dance champion 2016

Now Natalia start work as fitness model and she got 2nd place in WBFF competition as bikini model with PRO card.
She is also works with diets and nutritions programms and received the certificate as professional nutritionist.

Started breakdancing in 1999, joined contests and battles with his crew “DEAD FLIES CREW” since 2000. In 2006 stopped practices after mulriple knee injuries. Started his recovering since 2009 with dancing, workout and gimbarr (bar tricks discipline). Poledancing since 2011. He created groups in social nets like “Pole Extreme & Advanced Tricks” (2012-2016) and his favorite projects “EXOTIC WITCHES” and “POLE COLLEGE”. Now Slan is one of the most wellknown methodists of poledance\floormoves for exotic and movement itself in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. He made a lot of tutorials for poledancers and collaborations with other athletes.
Now he continue enjoying poledance, breakdance, gimbarr, handstands, floorwork, experimental dance and other interesting things for body and mind. Judging a lot of exotic and artistic poledance contests.

Some articles on english you can find here:

The judge of breakdance contests since 2003 (Kirov, Perm, Severodvinsk)


★ Judge “Dance Drive” (St-Petersburg) 2014
★ Judge “Pole Paradise” (St-Petersburg) 2014
★ Judge “Miss Desire” (Yaroslavl) 2014
★ Judge “Poledance Battle” (Minsk, Belarus) 2014
★ Judge “Paranoia” (Moscow) 2014
★ Judge “Euphoria” (Krasnoyarsk) 2015
★ Judge “No Gravity” (Ekaterinburg) 2015
★ Judge “Imagie Dance Show” (Omsk) 2015
★ Judge “Îáúÿòèÿ Íåâåñîìîñòè” (Tyumen) 2015
★ Main Judge “Exotic Witchez” (Tyumen) 2015
★ Main Judge “Exotic Witchez FINAL” (Novosibirsk) 2016
★ Judge “Exotic Generation” (Moscow) 2016
★ Judge “Stripper Style” (Odessa, Ukraine) 2016
★ Judge “Äðóãèå Òàíöû \ Other dances” (Kazan) 2016
★ Judge “Pole Doll” (Minsk, Belarus) 2016
★ Judge “Temptation” (Kiyv, Ukraine) 2016
★ Judge “#exoticpole72” (Tyumen) 2016
★ Judge “Exotic Generation 2017″ (Moscow) 2017
★ Judge «Exotic Generation Italy» (Milano, Monza) 2017
★ Judge «Pole Doll» (Minsk, Belarus) 2017
★ Judge «Explosion» (Kiyv, Ukraine) 2017
★ Judge «FlyArt Festival» (Novgorod the Great) 2017
★ Main Judge «First poledance festival in Zaporozhie» (Zaporozhie, Ukraine) 2017
★ Judge «Exotic Generation UA 2017» (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2017
★ Judge «”#exoticpole72” (Tyumen) 2017
★ Judge “Amazing Pole Championship” (Moscow) 2017

DORIS ARNOLD @dorisarnoldpoledancer one of judges on EXOTIC MOON POLE DANCE COMPETITION 2018 ( third edition)

Awards :

★ 1sd at French Championship 2013
★ 3rd at European championship 2011 category champion of champion
★ Semi-finalist at Miss Pole Dance World 2011
★ 2nd at the international pole fitness battle 2011
★ 3rd at french pole dance championship 2010
★ 3rd at Pole Art 2010,semifinalisti at Miss Pole Dance World 2010
★ 2nd at European Pro pole Dance Championship 2010
★ Winner de la Competition Internacionale organise par l’Emession “Sabado Gigante” 2011.


I giudici, come per tutte le edizioni, terranno dei workshop e degli approfondimenti tecnici e stilistici. Di seguito trovi i Workshop già confermati, clicca sui link per tutte le informazioni.





Compresi nella quota di iscrizione, per tutti i partecipanti saranno disponibili 3 fotografie con post-produzione e video professionali dell’intera competizione.

Il fotografo che si occuperà delle riprese è Yuri Bote, specializzato in fotografie di Pole Dance.

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